Bar & Bat Mitzvah
The celebrations that provide a lifetime of memories for you, your child, your family and guests. Because of the significance of this type of event, you do not want to book just any entertainment service.
Your son or daughter's coming of age celebration is a once-in-a-life-time milestone event. That’s why at North Jersey Event Services we go all out to make this engagement memorable. Whether an intimate family affair or an extravaganza, we will work closely to meet your needs and create a personalized entertainment package. What matters to most kids is having the party their way — their friends… their music.

Starting with the optional family introductions to the Motzi over the Challah, as well as the Candle Lighting, we will work closely with you to meet your individual needs. We know you invest so much of yourself into planning this once in a lifetime celebration. It is such a special milestone in your child’s life; after all, he or she is emerging as a young adult.

Our DJs stay current with today's hottest hits, and our planners know how to lead entertainment and catering together for a successful evening. Let NJES DJ and help plan your child's big day!